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The future of valuation

With the rise of iBuyers, the growth of single family rentals (SFRs), the recent increase in interest rates and the overall skyrocketing of home prices, accurately pricing properties has never been more important. Unfortunately, many of the key components of a home’s value, like a property’s condition or quality, are not available in nationwide datasets. Other characteristics, like a home’s architectural style, may exist, but not in a standardized consistent format that can be used at scale. Our AI models are designed to provide these visual insights for every property in your market so that you can make better investment decisions in a fraction of the time.

Improve valuation accuracy

with our photo-based condition and quality models

Automated valuation models (AVM’s) biggest blind spot is the condition and quality of a property. There are simply no datasets that indicate whether a property has been well maintained or fallen into disrepair. Our suite of property condition models analyze listing images to understand the condition and quality of assets to help you predict value, estimate renovation ROI and more efficiently deploy capital. 

Ensure properties fit your buy box

with our AI Image Tagging

Every investor has specific criteria they use to determine which properties they will purchase. Some may focus on properties that won’t need any work for the next five years, while others are purely focused on fix and flip opportunities. The presence of power lines or roof damage may immediately eliminate a property from consideration. With our tagging solutions, you can easily filter out homes that don’t meet your selection criteria and ensure you’re focusing on the most promising properties. 

Find the most relevant recent sales

with condition-adjusted comparables

Analyzing comparable properties is a key component of the valuation process. However, not all comps are created equal. A quick look through the photos of comparable homes often reveals properties that are poor fits to estimate your property’s value. Our comparables API can instantly return users the condition-adjusted comparable properties for their home in its current state as well as predict the potential matches for their home post renovation.

Condition adjusted comparable properties

Effortlessly market and list properties

with our AI generated property descriptions

An often overlooked part of buying and selling homes at scale is the time and effort it takes to create quality listings. Properties with inadequate descriptions sell for less money, while every day a property sits off market has an opportunity cost to its owner. Leverage our AI-generated property descriptions to instantly bring your properties to market with rich remarks highlighting the most visually impactful parts of each home.

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