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Property imagery is fundamental to real estate. Whether it’s to effectively market a home that’s being listed or to provide context on why an appraisal has been adjusted up or down, photos can reveal essential insights about a property.


However, with more than 1,000,000 property photos being uploaded each day in the US alone, there are limits to the amount of photos individuals, or even companies, can meaningfully analyze.


Our suite of computer vision and AI solutions helps you understand the content of your property images and translate it into actionable insights to enable you to improve valuation accuracy, automate time-consuming manual processes, and enhance the way people interact with properties.

Powering Anyone who Works with property imagery

Enhance valuations, optimize comparables and instantly filter properties that fit your buy box

Automate report quality checks, reduce valuation risk, and leverage market analytics

Auto-populate listings, enhance agent/client collaboration and automate compliance

Make property search visual, increase site traffic and personalize marketing 

Improve data collection, optimize policy premiums, and minimize unnecessary risk and exposure

Why are visual insights important?

Unique data on every property

When you look at a property photo, your mind instantly understands a wealth of information. What room is present? What materials are used? What is the condition of the property? Is it expensive? The list goes on. Now imagine having all of those insights in an easy to consume format for every property in your market.


Our visual insights provide actionable and unique data at scale that unlocks a world of possibilities for real estate companies.

Kitchen island with tagged features scored at C1 New Condition and Q2 Designer Quality
Heat map of the US

Nationwide standardized data

Current real estate datasets are built by aggregating the property details supplied by thousands of agents, appraisers, county clerks and more. This is great for easy to define data points like number of bathrooms, but more more difficult for subjective elements like condition. What one person calls a “house with potential”, another calls a “property in disrepair”. 


Our AI enables every property to be evaluated in a consistent and standardized way to generate friendly and consumable datasets with remarkable granularity. 

Limitless opportunities

We’ve been fortunate to work with many of the leading PropTech companies around the world as they explore the possibilities computer vision unlocks. We know what works, what doesn’t and the common pitfalls many companies face.


Our wealth of experience helps us advise our clients on the best way to leverage image recognition to meet their goals. 


Property search by style, room type and features

Explore our suite of solutions

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Image Tagging

Classify photos by room type, identify interior and exterior home features and understand architectural styles

Property Condition

Analyze a property's condition and quality based on its imagery

Visual Similarities

Use AI to find the most similar properties and images within your market

Image Captions

Auto-populate your image alt tags to boost your SEO and to aid in your site’s ADA compliance

Comparable Properties

Discover the most accurate comparable properties enhanced with photo-based, granular quality and condition scores

Photo Compliance

Automatically flag property images and videos that violate your MLS’s, website’s or report’s guidelines

Automatic Descriptions

Instantly and automatically create unique and captivating listing descriptions for your properties

Watermark Detection

Automatically check every uploaded images and videos for artificially added watermarks, logos and text

Duplicate Detection

Quickly and easily monitor all your images and listings for exact and near duplicates

Complexity Score

Reduce appraisal risk with the most comprehensive complexity score to determine appraisal difficulty

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