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Real Estate Image Tagging

Within each property photo lies a wealth of information. That’s why uses the latest AI techniques to automatically extract the real estate specific insights from each image. Our computer vision solutions easily classify and understand the contents of your images so you can apply this newfound information at scale. From the simple organization of your photos by room type to the analysis of a home’s condition for price prediction, there are limitless ways to leverage your photos’ data. 

Detect the real estate details in your photos like an expert

Real Estate Image Tagging
Sign post and phone number detection example

Photo Compliance

Regardless of where you are in the world, you need to comply with real estate privacy and compliance laws. If your images contain phone numbers or people’s faces, in many countries you are breaking the law. At best, you could also be enabling realtors to circumvent your platform by embedding their contact information directly in uploaded images. To eliminate this risk, integrate a computer vision solution with your platform or website to automatically detect compliance violations in images. Save money on a content moderation team and easily remove your non-compliant photos before they reach your users.

Detect and prevent compliance violations in photos

Watermark Detection

Imagine maintaining a Digital Asset Management system containing hundreds of thousands or even millions of images. How can you ensure these images don’t contain competitors’ watermarks? Even if you manage to manually review all of the existing photos, how do you continuously ensure newly added photos also don’t contain said watermarks? How can you ensure all watermarks do contain your own watermark or logo? It simply cannot be done in a cost-efficient, performant, and accurate manner without the use of our AI based Computer Vision technology.

Detect watermarks and logos in your photos with ease

Kitchen watermark

Try out our Computer Vision Solutions for yourself!

How the A.I. works

Our plug-n-play Artificial Intelligence API automatically tags your property photos with details specific to Real Estate.

Logo & Watermark Detection

Detect logos & watermarks in images

Exterior Style Classification

Recognize 16 architectural house styles

Room Type Classification

Classify images into 30+ different home scenes

Home Feature Tagging

Instantly tag 30+ valuable home features

  • Our sophisticated clients demanded a search experience that solved the specific problems of home buying in the NYC tri-state area. Thanks to the extra data provides, we were able to create an intuitive interface that our users love.
    Constantin S. Manta
    Founder & CEO of Tri-State Area LLC
  •’s technology is fast, accurate, and specialized for real estate with types and features - a key factor for us. Their AI technology allows TLCengine to disrupt the way people search for homes while making our websites ADA compliant and providing a huge SEO boost. A win-win-win!
    Krishna Malyala
    CEO of TLCengine
  •'s ability to describe images with specific keywords brings real value to our software by automatically improving the SEO of our clients' listings. Being now powered by AI, our customers also appreciate that apimo can easily save them time while making their offering more accurate. A great differentiator!
    Nicolas Guillaud
    CEO of apimo
  • is exactly what we needed for our real estate image recognition. It was much easier to set up than our previous, cloud based prototype. The technology integrates and functions flawlessly, and offers an entire new visual experience to our website visitors.
    Bernhard Mäder
    CEO of Flatfox
  •’s ability to detect logos and watermarks helps us more quickly spot quality control issues of our visual content, a critical part of our business.
    Darius Bradbury
    Founder at OpenRent


Real estate industry expertise

Artificial intelligence works best when a solution is designed to solve a particular problem. Therefore, all of our solutions have been developed through close work and validation from real estate’s leading innovators.

Unmatched data quality

Computer vision solutions are only as good as the underlying data. That’s why we use an in-house data team to tag our millions of images and never use public training sets. We only train over relevant photos.

Cheaper, faster and better than in-house

Building AI solutions internally comes at a great cost. Rather than wasting time and money replicating what already exists, provide your AI talent the untapped data from our models so your company can start innovating today.

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