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Sherlock – Duplicate detection

Quickly and easily monitor all your images and listings for duplicates

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Detecting duplicates with Sherlock

Sherlock is our API-based tool that allows you to easily identify and monitor duplicate and near-duplicate images and listings across your database. Beyond detecting identical images, it also detects:

  • Images re-used by another agent
  • Cropped, enhanced, edited or resized photos
  • Identical images containing different watermarks

No matter the nature of your duplicates problem, Sherlock can be configured to only flag the images specific to your unique situation.

We can even detect duplicate listings with unique photos of the same property!

duplicate image detection

Flag duplicate listings in real-time

Duplicate listings significantly deteriorate the user experience. When users see the same listing more than once, they become confused and are left questioning the validity of the property and/or owner. Even worse, duplicate listings have a negative impact on your SEO and make your pages harder to find. However, due to the difficulty of detecting and managing duplicate listings, up to 20% of a portal’s listings may be duplicates. Control the content posted on your site by using Sherlock’s duplicate detection to verify each listing is unique as soon as it is uploaded.

Up to 50 fraudulent listings detected manually per day on property websites

Avoid copyright violations from duplicate photos

An agent improperly reusing another agent’s photo is a common problem for real estate sites. The agent sees a perfect shot of the community pool posted on another listing in their property’s neighborhood, and they think it’s harmless to include it with their home’s images. Unfortunately, this is a copyright violation and MLS’s spend countless hours handling reported violations from real estate professionals and photographers. With’s solution, any reused image can be detected immediately upon upload so you can keep your compliance team and agents happy.

Copyright violation damages can range from $750 up to $150,000 per image

duplicate image_reused photo

Advantages of Sherlock’s duplicate detection

Improved user experience

Users become confused and disengaged when they browse multiple listings with identical photos, particularly if each property has a different price or contact. After removing duplicate listings, our clients have seen a 15% increase in unique properties viewed.

Fraud prevention

With more and more of the home search process taking place online, fraud has become an increasing problem for real estate sites. Despite the rise in violations, our automated monitoring solution has helped portals reduce their manual moderation staff by 25%.

Reduced costs

With many real estate sites featuring millions of images, duplicates create sizable storage and maintenance costs. These problems only grow over time and become bigger issues if not detected immediately. With our real-time monitoring in place, we’ve helped clients reduce their database size by over 20%.

Duplicate kitchen images found in different listings
Ensure every duplicate is caught!

How does Sherlock’s duplicate detection work?

Index Creation

Digital fingerprint

All of your images are analyzed and given a digital fingerprint based on over 1,000 different features. The similarities across these aspects determine whether a photo is a duplicate.

Report Generation

Report generation

After the index is created, reports can be generated at any time to identify potential duplicates. The similarity threshold can be adjusted to ensure optimal performance.

Ongoing monitoring

Ongoing monitoring

As photos are continually uploaded, each is analyzed and duplicate images are immediately flagged. The index is easily updated to reflect any added, removed or modified images.

Effortless moderation. Clean listings. Engaged users.