Comparable Properties

Discover the most accurate comparable properties enhanced with photo-based, granular quality and condition scores

Evaluate Comparable Properties with Quality and Condition Scores for Better Results

Choosing the most relevant comparables can be a challenging task. A property may have up to 200 possible comparables, and prices can vary greatly, even after making traditional adjustments. Manually reviewing hundreds of properties and their numerous photos is time-consuming and can lead to inconsistencies. 


Our comparables API provides comparables with their respective quality and condition scores, calculated from their most recent listing.

Distribution of properties in a comparable zone, bucketed by the Restn Property Scores

Market-Wide Data and Photo-Based Condition Assessment

Our solution analyzes comparables for both on and off market properties.

Comparables for recently listed subject properties

  • Based on its address, our API returns the relevant properties and primary attributes of the subject and comparable properties.
  • If the property has been recently listed and photos are available, our solution calculates an up-to-date score for the subject property and the recently sold comparables.

Comparables for off-market subject properties

  • Based on its address, our API returns the relevant properties and primary attributes of the subject and comparable properties.
  • If photos for the subject property are provided, our solution calculates the  quality/condition score of the subject property to rank the comps.

Our API can return auto-calculated adjustments for the property’s most applicable attributes based on the local context of the subject property

  • All modes return property condition scores for all recently sold comparables, in addition to the most relevant property attributes (sold price, location, distance to subject, living area, lot size, number of baths/bedrooms, etc.


Simplify the Comparable Property Selection Process

Eliminate the guesswork and time-consuming process of reviewing images for comparable properties. Our automated photo analysis leads to better valuations, more profitable investment decisions, and reduces the risk of implicit bias.  

Improve after repair value (ARV) estimates

Leverage precise data to more quickly and accurately estimate ARV

Efficiently analyze investment properties

Quickly assess up to 10 times as many investment properties with our solution

Save time finding the perfect comparables

Efficiently identify the most suitable comparables with our automated process

Save Time Finding the Perfect Comparables

Efficiently identify the most suitable comparables with our automated process

Our scores show the quality and condition also split between the main areas of the properties, beyond UAD ratings, identifying specific areas of the property that are in better or worse condition

Industry-Standard Practices and Results

Our models and data are validated and improved in collaboration with real estate experts from appraisal, investment, and insurance verticals, ensuring adherence to industry practices and standards, such as the Uniform Appraisal Dataset developed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Standardized Results with Granular Insights

Assessing properties with mixed features can be challenging. Appraisers know that differences in two properties’ condition require significant pricing adjustments, but knowing the exact amount is tricky.  Our AI provides a consistent scoring methodology for all properties while offering detailed insights, enabling more accurate property valuations. 


Unlock Possibilities with Fair and Relevant Comparable Properties

Enhance ARV accuracy

Improve your ARV estimation process by incorporating standardized scoring and all relevant data to better understand the property’s potential

Streamline your comparable selection process

Instantly receive the most relevant comparables with their data to uncover the true value of your subject property, whether in its current state or after renovation

Streamline your comparable selection process

Incorporate condition and quality data into your valuation process to minimize under/overvaluation risks

Optimize your renovation goals

Use our detailed scoring system to gain insight into the improvements required to enhance your target property’s market value by better understanding the pre and post-renovation value of your property

Ensure quality control on appraisals or BPOs

Leverage AI to ensure quality standards are met and unintended biases are eliminated

Illustrative diagram of the flow of information of our comparables API works

Get Started with Our Comparables API

Our Comparable Condition Properties solution is designed to streamline your property valuation process and improve your decision-making. To get started, integrate our API into your existing real estate applications or tools and begin receiving the most relevant and accurate comparables with granular quality and condition scores. Boost the accuracy of your property valuations, save time, and make more informed decisions with our cutting-edge AI-powered solution.

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