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Real estate image tagging

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Computer vision capabilities for real estate


There is incredible value in understanding the type of a given photo, particularly in this age of automation. Knowing whether a photo is tagged as an exterior view, kitchen or floor plan can be the difference between a steamlined user experience and complete confusion. Unfortunately, the sheer volume and turnover of photos on real estate websites make it impossible to do this manually. Our computer vision models automatically classify images in the following:

  • 60+ Room types (Kitchen, Front of house, Floor plans, etc.)
  • 25+ Exterior home styles (Ranch, Victorian, Cape Cod, etc.)

Want a full list of tags, request one here!

  • Bedroom room type example
  • Walk-in closet room type example
  • Cape cod exterior style example
  • Mediterranean exterior style example
  • Living room home features
  • Outdoor features example
  • Kitchen finishes example
  • Home appliances example

Feature detection

Beyond the type of a given photo, there is even more value in the details of a photo. As opposed to generic computer vision models, our AI only derives real estate specific insights. Therefore we identify both easily observable features, like hardwood floors, and more context specific items, like the presence of natural light. All of these enhance your ability to match the relevant content to your customers. Our current offerings include:

  • 20+ interior home features (Fireplaces, Exposed bricks, etc.)
  • 20+ exterior home features (Pool, Mountain view, Deck, etc.)
  • 40+ Advanced features (Kitchen features, Home appliances, etc.)

Want something else tagged? Let us know!

Property condition analysis

Anyone who has worked in real estate understands there are massive price swings between similar houses of varying quality. Unfortunately, while most people know the difference when they see it, it is difficult to apply at scale. That’s why we built a model to detect the condition (Disrepair, poor, average, good, excellent or luxury) of various real estate photos. It’s perfect to enhance your AVM, to source ideal properties for renovation or to narrow down lists of comparables. Our current API analyze a property’s:

  • Bathroom and kitchen conditions
  • Interior and exterior conditions
  • Overall condition
  • Disrepair kitchen example
  • Poor bathroom example
  • Average kitchen example
  • Good bathroom example
  • Excellent kitchen example
  • Luxury bathroom example

Real estate image tagging use cases

The data from your photos is only useful if you put it to work. Explore our example use cases.

User experience


From advanced search features to voice search capabilities

Data models


From more accurate AVM’s to auto-populating listings

Content moderation


From detecting duplicate listings to identifying watermarks


“When searching for a home online, nothing is more important than the images. So, making a search based upon images is something, we’ve always wanted to do. With Restb.ai that’s now possible
Katie Ragusa, VP of Product – TRIBUS 

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