Real Estate Image Tagging

Extract the untapped data and insights hidden in your property photos

Kitchen with exposed brick, built in shelves, butcher block counters, and an island range hood

A picture is worth 1,000 words

We want to empower real estate companies with the data trapped in their property photos. Being able to programmatically determine the room pictured in a photo or the features present in an image opens up a world of opportunity. Whether you want to create a visually engaging and personalized user experience or simply automate the location of photos in a report, understanding the contents of each image is essential. Unfortunately, less than 20% of the 1,000,000+ property photos uploaded each day contain any image-level details. Our AI is designed to provide these visual insights in real time and help companies across the entire real estate spectrum.

View of Meditteranean-style home with Spanish tile roof and balcony
Rustic style living room with french doors, log walls, and a skylight

Detect rooms, features, styles and more

Our computer vision models are designed to be able to detect anything that a real estate professional can reliably determine from property photos. Working closely with our clients and industry partners, we offer image tagging models that detect more than 500 different details including:

  • Room types 
  • Interior and exterior home features
  • Architectural styles
  • Damage analysis


Why should you use
image tagging?

Increase user retention

Personalize each user's experience based on the images they interact with on your site

Enhance data quality

Image tagging results in a more consistent and complete understanding of every property

Improve marketing conversion

Create complex marketing and ads that leverage your knowledge of the content of each image

Bathroom with dual sinks, a wood ceiling, and a freestanding soaking tub

Effective on all imagery types

We extensively test and validate our models to work well with MLS imagery, user-uploaded content, appraisal/inspection imagery and even 360° and equirectangular photos!

AI that understands like a human

We recognize both easily identifiable elements, like hardwood floors or beamed ceilings, and complex concepts, like the presence of natural light or the brand of a particular appliance.

Industry-specific solution

All of our tags are designed to solve the unique challenges seen by our clients in the real estate industry. We are an active participant in the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) working to help drive standardization and adoption of a common data dictionary across the industry.


The data behind your images can help you in ways you never imagined

Autopopulate listings

Save agents time during the listing creation process by pre-populating the listing features based on image details

Help home buyers find properties easier

Empower users to search in more visual ways by letting them explore properties based on photos of certain rooms or features

Identify best marketing photos

Analyze all of a property’s images at once and let AI determine the best photo of a room or feature to be used for marketing

Generate valuable datasets

Get an advantage over the competition by extracting unique visual insights that are not available in standards property datasets

Nook Real Estate leverages compuer vision to increase engagement with their users

Unlock the secrets hidden within your photos