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Watermark detection

Automatically check every uploaded image and video for artificially added content

Our watermark detection API detects all artificially added watermarks, logos and text

Why use AI to detect watermarks?

Reduce manual moderation

Keeping your website watermark-free is a difficult and time-consuming task. Many companies start with a manual moderation team, but as their sites grow, there simply are not enough resources. 100% coverage becomes both an impossible task and an exorbitant cost. Instead, utilize our automated computer vision solution to programmatically detect all watermarks instantly.

Clients have seen up to a 90% reduction in content moderation!

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watermark detection example

Keep your website beautiful

Watermarks are a growing problem for websites and marketplaces. They make photos and videos less visually appealing and prevent a consistent user experience. Even worse, they enable competitors to direct users away from your site. However, there is a solution. Our computer vision technology allows you to identify and flag all watermarked images. Therefore, you can clean up any existing instances through a bulk review and implement a real-time check to prevent watermarks from being uploaded in the future.

Photos with watermarks decrease CTR by up to 76%

Avoid copyright lawsuits

User-generated content has become a way to quickly scale databases and marketplaces in areas such as Commercial Real Estate. As a result, the threat of legal action is becoming many companies’ greatest risk. The average user may be unaware that uploading a copyrighted image to your collaborative platform can qualify as intellectual property theft. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prevent the company hosting the site from being sued. Protect yourself by preventing photos with copyrights from ever being uploaded to your site.

Recent real estate copyright lawsuits have exceeded $1m in damages!

Watermark detection in commercial real estate

Watermark detection customizations

Detect specific watermark icon

Only detect specific watermarks

Only interested in detecting a competitor’s watermark? Not a problem. We can quickly build you a custom model that only detects the items you have specified.

Size and location watermark icon

Size and location parameters

The size and location of a watermark can have a drastic impact on a listing’s click-through-rate. As such, we can create filters that only flag watermarks that are greater than a specified size or that exist in a certain quadrant.

Bulk watermark removal icon

Bulk watermark removal

The ultimate goal of detecting watermarks may be to remove the watermarks from your photos. Where authorized to do so, AI can automatically detect and remove watermarks from imagery.

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“Restb.ai’s ability to detect logos and watermarks helps us more quickly spot quality control issues of our visual content, a critical part of our business”  Darius Bradbury, Founder – OpenRent

Save time. Save money. Stay beautiful.