Watermark detection

Automatically check every uploaded image and video for artificially added watermarks, logos and text

Watermark detection

Control the presentation of digital content on your site

Watermarks are commonly used to protect digital content but can be an eyesore on property portals. They’re proven to detract from the user experience and reduce conversions. In the worst cases, they can even lead to costly legal issues. With many companies relying on ever-growing manual teams to look out for watermarks, we developed a solution designed to scan your images instantly and automatically.

Watermark detected in property photo
Watermark and logo detected in a property photo

AI watermark detector

Using the latest breakthroughs in computer vision, our one of a kind watermark model flags images and videos that contain artificially added:

  • Watermarks
  • Logos
  • Text overlays


What can a watermark
detection solution do for you?

4x more clicks
on property images

Unwatermarked images can result in 4x higher click through rates

8x better detection
of unwanted content

Automated detection allows your teams to be able to spot up to 8 times more unwanted content

10k less dedicated

Automation helps your teams dedicate their resources to higher value-added tasks

Customize to your needs

Watermark-specific solutions

Only want to detect a competitor’s watermark? We’ll build you a custom model that only detects the items you care about.

Size and location

It's not feasible to prohibit watermarks? No worries! We can customize our models to only detect watermarks that exceed a certain size or exist in a particular location.

OCR Capabilities

Understand what's being added

In many cases, it may be relevant to understand the exact nature of any artifically added watermarks, logos or text. Our OCR (Object Character Recognition) technology allows us to read the content of any detections to ensure we're only flagging the items that you want identified.


Keep your site clean, consistent and beautiful

Protect your company from copyrights lawsuits

When one of your users unknowingly misuses copyrighted images hosted on your site, you are exposing yourself to being sued for intellectual property theft. Recent real estate copyright lawsuits have exceeded $1m in damages. Protect yourself by preventing photos with copyrights from being uploaded to your site.

Reduce manual moderation

Manually moderating content is time-consuming and expensive. Our clients have seen up to a 90% reduction in content moderation.

Increase CTRs

Photos with watermarks decrease CTRs by up to 76%. Eliminate distractions and keep your users engaged on your site.

Portal gets help moderating non-compliant content uploaded by users

Restb.ai’s ability to detect logos and watermarks helps us more quickly spot quality control issues of our visual content, a critical part of our business

Darius Bradbury, Founder – OpenRent

Save time. Save money. Stay beautiful.