Photo compliance

Automatically monitor every uploaded photo

Have compliance rules but can’t enforce them because it’s impossible to review all uploaded images?

Auto-flag photo compliance violations

The largest real estate sites can receive upwards of 1 million new images a day. Is your moderation team struggling to keep up? Tirelessly scan millions of photos with A.I. to flag images containing:

  • People and faces
  • ‘For Sale’ signposts (branding)
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • License plates
  • And more!

100% of photos monitored!

Two faces photo compliance

Enforce photo compliance guidelines

Compliance rules are designed to provide end users with clean and consistent data. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to educate agents and ensure proper guidelines are always being followed. Level the playing field for all your real estate professionals by notifying agents of non-compliant photos as soon as they’re uploaded.

Up to 50x more violations detected!

Foster a better ecosystem

Due to the large number of images, many sites rely on their members to report other’s violations. As a result, agents may apply guidelines inconsistently. Others may be hesitant to report on their colleagues because they don’t want to be responsible for someone else receiving a fine. Flag violations proactively to prevent creating a culture of distrust.

Integrate in just 5 days!

License plate photo compliance

One of our core values is to provide the marketplace with data that’s accurate, up-to-date, and usable. We’re able to take that to the next level with’s technology solutions, which enable our compliance team to monitor every photo in our system to ensure they meet the quality and content standards that are important to the success of our real estate professionals.”  Rebecca Jensen, President/CEO – MRED

Consistent rules. Clean data. Happy agents.