Photo Compliance

Automatically flag property images and videos that violate

your MLS’s, website’s or report’s guidelines

Signpost and person detected in property photos

Control what’s being published on your site or in your documents

With 1,000s of listings being uploaded and appraisals being submitted every day, ensuring every property complies with your guidelines can feel like an uphill battle. There are simply too many images to review manually. However, non-compliant images can have a detrimental impact on your user experience and brand, or even worse, result in costly legal issues. Our specialized compliance solution has been designed to automatically detect the most common violations to free up compliance team’s time to focus on other more human-centric tasks.

Watermark and logo detected in a property photo
Email detected in video

AI Photo and Video Compliance

Using AI-based image analysis, our photo compliance solutions analyze photos and videos to detect problematic issues that violate your site’s guidelines. From images with agent branding or contact info to photos with a competitor’s watermark, there are a variety of violations that exist. Our solutions are designed to instantly surface these issues to your compliance team to enable quick resolution. Don’t have a compliance team? No problem! We also provide the option to instantly blur out the problematic areas.



Why should you automate photo compliance?

Manually reviewing every photo and video is a time-consuming and error-prone task. Different staff members may apply slightly different criteria, which can result in uneven enforcement of rules. Then, even when violations are found, they may have already been present for days and seen by a multitude of users. Utilizing an automated review of your images ensures agents are notified instantly of violations helping to educate and reduce repeat offenses, while ensuring that a consistent enforcement is being applied to every image uploaded to your site.

100% of

photos monitored in real-time

Up to 5%

of all MLS listings have violations

20% decrease

in violations over time

Detect different kinds of photo violations

Sign post and phone number detected in property photo

Auto-flag Violations

Comply with the real estate privacy and security laws spotting sensitive content:
• people and faces
• contact info
• ‘for sale’ signposts
• religious/political objects
• renders/virtual staging

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Watermarks detected in property photo

Identify Watermarks

Computer vision detects all watermarks, logos and artifically added text within images. Only care about a particular watermark, no problem. Solutions may be customized to meet your exact needs.

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Duplicate photos detected in property listing

Detect Duplicates

Duplicate images and listings are a pain for buyers and can indicate potential copyright issues. Leverage computer vision to effortlessly flag exact and near duplicates to keep your website clean and compliant.

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SWMLS uses Computer Vision powered compliance solution to scan 1000´s of photos uploaded each day

Consistent rules. Clean data. Happy agents.