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Property condition

Understand the condition and quality of your properties at scale

Photo-based condition analysis

You pass us a property’s images and we instantly return you a condition score. It’s that simple. Our condition API analyzes a property’s photos to provide a score based on a combination of the property’s quality and condition. The images are scored individually as well as analyzed collectively to provide both photo-level and property level ratings across 6 categories (disrepair, poor, average, good, excellent and luxury). The model provides the following property level scores:

  • Kitchen condition
  • Bathroom condition
  • Interior condition
  • Exterior condition
  • Overall condition

Score each property instantly and automatically

  • Disrepair bathroom example
  • Poor kitchen example
  • Average bathroom example
  • Good kitchen example
  • Excellent bathroom example
  • Luxury kitchen example
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Built with industry expertise

As a property’s condition can be subjective, we’ve partnered with real estate experts from the automated valuation, insurance and appraisal verticals to validate our model. Their insights have guided our development and our 6 categories are heavily influenced by the Uniform Appraisal Dataset developed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our extensive experience across multiple countries has helped us create a flexible design that is adaptable to any market.

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We’re only getting started

More and more real estate transactions are happening without an in-person visit. As such, it’s pivotal for real estate companies to be able to access and provide higher quality data on each property. In addition to our kitchen, bathroom, interior and exterior models, we’re currently building several other models focused on the various use cases and needs of different market segments. Alongside our industry partners, we’re working night and day to bring these needed insights to the market as soon as possible.

We are looking for partners to further extend these solutions. If interested, please contact us!

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Property condition use cases

The opportunities for an automated property condition are endless. Common use cases include:

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Current AVM’s neglect property condition. Enhance your model with additional insights (fix and flip opportunity, recently renovated, etc.).

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Insurance & Property Inspections

Optimize policy premiums by automatically estimating reconstruction costs. Limit your risk and reduce in-person visits.

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Appraisals & Mortgages

Appraisals in many markets require strict scoring on a property’s quality and condition. Leverage AI to ensure the most accurate valuations.

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“Property photos contain many details that are impossible to find in typical property datasets. With, we gain access to critical insights that are crucial to accurately valuing properties.
Hamidreza Etebarian, Co-founder and CEO – Offerland

Understand the condition of your properties at scale