Visual Similarities

Use AI to find the most similar properties and imageswithin your market

Four similar kitchen islands

Search made simple based on intuitive visuals

When a potential home buyer is asked what they want their next property to look like, they commonly respond with some form of “I don’t know how to describe it, but I know it when I see it.” We’re sure you can relate, which got us thinking, “What if there was a more visual way to search?”. Taking cues from social media’s ability to endless feed users personalized content based on their interactions with an app, we set out to build a solution that made finding your ideal next property simple and intuitive.


Visually similar properties
Detection of four visually similar living rooms

Sherlock visual similarities

Our Sherlock visual similarities engine enables companies to search their entire database for the most similar images or properties. Unlike our image tagging solutions, this AI does not rely on any explicitly provided training data or labels. Instead, it’s focused on the look and feel of each property and is perfect to help you search for even the most hard to describe aesthetic!



How Do Visual Similarities Help your Business?

5.5x higher conversion rate

Customers who click on listing recommendations ahve a 5.5 times higher conversion rate than those who do not

Remove visually irrelevant comps

Reduce the time spent trying to find appropriate comparable properties

How Do Visual Similarities Work?

Listing with a unique digital fingerprint

1,000 visual markers per image

We give each image a unique digital fingerprint, which is made up of over 1,000 visual markers

Works with photos or listings

Visually similar listings with similar price, location, and size

Include additional parameters

Layer in additional data points to only return similar-looking listings that also include have a similar price, location, size or any other listing input!


Visual similarities unlock new possibilities

Photo based property search

Allow users to start their property search by uploading their favorite photo from Google, Instagram or even their own phone

Create Pinterest-like experiences

Create a “Pinterest” like experience that allows users to browse collections of similar photos from active listings

Recommend similar properties

Recommend visually similar properties based on each user unique browsing history

The ability to search for properties based on architectural styles, interior finishes or key home features is a major breakthrough in the property search process “

Brian Bell, Proptech Innovation Practice Lead – Accenture

Provide a personalized experience to every single user