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Let AI easily source similar photos and listings for your users

Real estate specific visual similarities

How does it work?

The visual similarities solution works by breaking each photo down into its unique fingerprint, which is made up of 1,000+ visual markers. Our AI can then determine which photos have the most similar fingerprints, or look the most alike. The solution is built upon our existing real estate specific solutions to ensure the best matches and to make it perfect for any real estate use case.

There is no training needed. Set up a proof of concept today!

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Apply to photos or listings

Beyond taking a specific photo and requesting it’s most similar photos, our solution can also be applied to listings. This can work in two ways.

  • Taking all of one listing’s photos and looking for the listing with the most similar collection of photos.
  • Allowing a user to select multiple photos from different listings and then returning the unique listings that best match the collection of photos.

It can be difficult to put someone’s unique tastes into words, let our AI figure it out for them!

Add more details to find the best matches

While finding the most visually appealing houses is important, it doesn’t matter if the house doesn’t fit the users’ other constraints. Easily use additional parameters to ensure your users find the most relevant houses! Common parameters include:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Size
  • Or any other listing input!

Create the personalized search experience your users are waiting for!

Visual similarities use cases

Similar listings icon

Similar listings

Supercharge your portal’s recommended or similar listings feature by adding a visual layer. People process images 60,000x faster than text!

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Targeted marketing

Most websites track users’ interactions with their site. Keep track of which photos users interact with and let them know when similar homes hit the market.

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Narrow down comparables

Many marketing and pricing tools rely on comparable properties. Use visual similarities to quickly find the ones that make the most impact.

Provide a personalized experience to every single user