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The future of property search

While e-commerce and social media have discovered innovative ways to leverage visual content, the property search experience has remained relatively unchanged over the past ten years. The vast majority of sites have conformed to a standardized experience that treats each unique home buyer exactly the same. As a result, sites don’t stand out, users aren’t engaged and more and more traffic ends up at the largest portal in your market. However, there is hope! The advances in computer vision and AI enable sites to create engaging and memorable experiences that allow consumers to quickly and effortlessly discover their dream home.

Make search more visual

with real estate image tagging

Photos are the most important part of a real estate listing but without knowing the contents of each photo, portals are limited in how they can be leveraged. Our AI extracts the relevant insights out of your images to enable prospective home buyers to visually search and see results based on a specific room type, a unique feature or style and more! Based on how users are searching, your site can then adapt and personalize their experience to their unique tastes.

Increase traffic to your site

with SEO-optimized image captions

Everyone knows that SEO is important, but how can you stand out when every real estate site contains the same listings? The trick is to take advantage of a hidden secret with how Google ranks sites. Behind every image, there is an alt tag that is read by Google’s crawlers to provide extra context on the photo. However, 99+% of real estate sites don’t optimize this field since there is no way to know what’s in each photo without AI. We’ve developed SEO-optimized image captions that can be easily mapped to every image on your site. Leveraging our solution adds dozens of unique and keyword-rich phrases to every listing which we’ve seen Google reward with a 10%+ boost to your average ranking!

Start your search with a photo

using our visual similarities tool

Humans are visual creatures that often have an idea in their head of what they want, but no way to easily find it… until now! Our visual similarities tool enables users to start their search with a photo from their phone, Instagram or even Google and instantly see the properties that are most visually similar.  

Create complex marketing material

with our real estate image tagging

Everyone knows that excellent marketing is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, creating complex marketing brochures and ads requires manual effort to ensure each property is highlighted correctly. Our image tagging solutions give marketers the ability to understand the contents of each image so they can automatically place photos according to their needs. Even better, our AI can determine the best photo of each part of a home to ensure it is highlighted in the best way possible!

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