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What do you need to know?


The company was officially founded in 2015 but the technology has been in development since 2014. Restb.ai is now working with more than 100 companies across the globe, including more than 20 publicly traded companies and unicorns.

Our proprietary AI technology is specifically designed for the needs of the real estate industry. Having worked with leading PropTech companies for almost a decade, our best-in-class solutions have been built to solve real estate’s unique challenges and pain points. Unlike other providers, we:
– Provide APIs that output results in standardized formats (RESO, PDR, PDC, etc.) for easy integration.
– Analyze all of a property’s images collectively to provide insights about the property as a whole (ie a garage with a concrete floor doesn’t mean the property has concrete floors).
– Provide 700+ real estate specific tags including identifying room types, home features, views, styles, condition, quality and damage.
– Offer extensive complimentary PoCs where you can use our visualization tools to see the impact of our solutions without writing any code-
– Work closely with our clients to help them truly solve their problems.

Restb.ai’s pricing depends on the number of properties to analyze per month, the products required and the number of requests per second permitted. There are two components, one fixed monthly fee, which will include a set number of API calls, and an overage fee for each API call outside of that allowance. Batch pricing is available for larger (<1m property) data sets.


Our cutting-edge technology is the fastest real estate-specific computer vision solution available. Clients can expect image response times of less than 500 ms and property response times of only a few seconds. Multiple APIs calls can be made in parallel to meet any client’s speed requirements.

Clients can quickly and easily integrate our AI solution via our cloud-based API service. It is based on the industry standard web protocol (HTTP) and returns a simple JSON response easily accommodated with any back or front-end interface.

We currently do not have an app. However, we do partner with other software providers to offer seamless solutions to enhance their services. Read more about our exciting partnerships here.

Restb.ai can process standard image formats (JPEG, PNG, PPM, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc.), including 360/equirectangular images, as well as videos.

We respond using the JSON format. Once you send a request to our cloud-based RESTful API service, it will send back a JSON response for each image or property. Contact our team and book a demo to see our tech at work.

In computing, JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and array data types. – See more in www.json.org

image Tagging

ALT-Text (Alternative Text) is a textual description of an image that can be read by screen readers for people with visual impairments. ALT-Text should provide a concise description of an image, conveying its content and context to users who cannot see the image.

Through our partnerships with various MLS platforms, our advanced tags are pre-populated on listings in two steps:
Image Captions: Each image is provided with a concise and descriptive caption describing what the photo depicts. These are presented to the user during the image upload phase and may be edited however the user likes.
Property Features: The images are analyzed to determine if any of the property fields (i.e. Exterior Features or View Types) from the MLS’s data dictionary are visible. The detected characteristics are then presented to the user to confirm. Any detections the user does not wish to make part of the listing may be deselected/removed (e.g. a photo contains a refrigerator but the seller does not plan to include the refrigerator as part of the sale). All approved fields will appear populated later in the listing upload process in their corresponding fields and may be changed at any time.


Our solutions are designed to analyze a report’s images and return the AI insights using the terminology of the specified report. We support the following standardized reports:
– 1004/Form 70
– 1073
– Form 30
– And many more!

We have built standardized condition and quality models to map to the UAD’s property condition (C1C6) and property quality (Q1Q6) ratings. While the UAD’s 6-point scale provides a single score for the entire property, our scores provide a granularity of one decimal and scores for the kitchen, bathroom(s), interior and exterior, as well as the property as a whole.
Our proprietary R1R6 model is not based on a standard, but is meant to provide a single, easy to use score based on a property’s quality, condition, and potential. Similar to our other scoring models it provides a result on a home’s kitchen, bathroom(s), interior and exterior, as well as the property as a whole.

No, Restb.ai is not an Automated Valuation Model, though our solutions are widely used by many leading AVMs.

Yes, Restb.ai can extract images from PDFs.

No, these are AI generated results. We don’t have access to your data and do not control it. All responses are returned in real time.

It is a real-time process and the results take between 5 to 15 seconds.

Restb.ai extracts unique information from the property’s photos, information that may not exist unless manually input by a person in the past. This provides up to 700 real estate-specific data points on any property’s photos in as little as a few seconds. Many of our data points are exclusive to Restb.ai, such as condition and quality scores, granular kitchen layouts, etc. All responses from Restb.ai are provided consistently, always using the same criteria and the same data structure, on any property processed.

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