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Optimize property assessment workflows and processes

The future of appraisal modernization

The world of property assessment is at a crossroads. There is growing demand for appraisals and valuations, but a shrinking pool of qualified professionals to inspect every property in person. Companies are faced with the paradigm of how to increase how quickly and efficiently they analyze properties, while not seeing a drop in their performance. Our appraisal suite of solutions is designed to instantly improve and standardize property valuations, enhance and automate data collection, and identify problematic properties and biases.

Streamline property assessments

with AI-assisted data collection

With the rise of desktop appraisals, it’s more important than ever to ensure that property photos contain all the required details. It’s simply too expensive to have to unnecessarily send someone out to visit a property in person.’s image detection models can validate that all the relevant information is collected and documented in real-time.

Automate inspections/appraisal quality checks

with photo-based rule validations

Many AMC’s and lenders perform time-consuming manual reviews of inspection and appraisal documents to ensure reports are error free. While existing rule engines may cross-reference fields against public records, MLS data and standard rule validations, offers the first photo-based validation to ensure that the included imagery validates the populated fields.

Minimize over/under valuations

with condition-adjusted comparables

Analyzing comparable properties is a key component of the valuation process. However, not all comparables are created equal. A quick look through the photos of comparable homes often reveals properties that are poor fits to estimate your property’s value. Our comparables API can instantly return users the condition-adjusted comparable properties for their home in its current state as well as predict the potential matches for their home post renovation.

Reduce valuation risk

with appraisal complexity scores

Properties that are similar to other homes in their market are easier to value than outliers. While existing processes factor in characteristics like age, size, etc., they often neglect the quality, condition and style of a property.’s complexity score analyzes the photos of each property and compares them against the other homes in their market.

Unlock hidden drivers of value

with image-based market analytics

Analyzing a market’s worth of property photos provides unprecedented insights into the behavior of property valuations in a given area. Unlike public records or MLS data that may have inconsistent data, computer vision can extract data from imagery in a consistent and standardized way. Our market analytics provide in-depth, easily consumable and actionable statistics to support valuation professionals.

Case Studies and Press Mentions

“ is essential for my vision of data collection. Leveraging AI I can improve the quality of data captured, increase the amount of data collected and decrease the amount of time spent on site.” 

Jon Forrester, President at CAPTURE Data Services

CAPTURE Data Services uses AI to help reinvent the way property data is collected.

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