Complexity Score

Reduce appraisal risk with the most comprehensive complexity score to determine appraisal difficulty

Detect appraisal complexity using comprehensive property and market information

Determining appraisal complexity is a difficult task. Adjusting appraisal fees can be a costly and frustrating process and often is reported only after the assignment is complete.


The unpredictability for adjustments to fees can lead to inconsistent pricing and longer lead times.


Our complexity score API can provide clarity on appraisal complexity at the beginning of the process – reducing the uncertainty on pricing and timelines.


Enriched market and property data for a comprehensive measure of appraisal complexity


Comprehensive market data providing up-to-date information on each property and market

  • Receive a detailed look at each property address with our API and database.
  • Generate property and market complexity insights by sending just one address.
Photo-enriched property and market information
  • Analyze images included in the listings (subject and comparables) based on our industry-leading visual insights about each property, like photo-based condition and style.


Reduce unnecessary appraisal risk

Decrease turnaround times (TATs)

Reduce the number of visits through identifying complex properties

Reduce total appraisal costs

Match fees to the appropriate complexity of appraisal

Eliminate operational risks

Quickly understand how complex a given appraisal is for each address

Reduce appraisal risk with the most comprehensive complexity score