MLS Now automates their listing input processes using Technology

February, 2023


MLS Now, Ohio’s largest multiple listing system (formerly Yes MLS), today announced a new partnership with, a global AI leader that specializes in real estate image recognition using machine learning and computer vision. The partnership will enhance and automate MLS Now’s listing input platform by integrating Advanced AI Tags, Photo Captions, Listing Input Auto-Pop & Photo Compliance solutions for their 14,000 MLS Members/Subscribers.’s technology modernizes and speeds up the listing input process by analyzing images and auto populating relevant listing details extracted from the images. As each listing image is uploaded,’s industry-leading artificial intelligence analyzes and automatically detects each image’s interior & exterior features, architecture style and room type.


By tagging and labeling these photos, the property listings displayed on MLS, Broker and Agent/Realtors websites become ADA compliant while also enhancing and increasing the value of the data.


Additionally, the Photo Compliance solution enhances the photo monitoring processes by auto-detecting misuses of listing photos and all corresponding violations based on MLS/Association rules. The Photo Compliance API detects logos, watermarks, yard signs, people, license plates, duplicates, and more.


Carl DeMusz, CEO, MLS Now said, “For many years, the real estate industry has talked about the true value of computer technology simplifying and expediting all aspects of the real estate transaction. Using artificial intelligence (AI) with, MLS Now is on track to completing that objective.”


“Carl DeMusz and the talented team at MLS Now have talked about integrating AI Automation into their MLS Platform for a decade. Delivering our MLS Product Suite to their Members and surrounding MLSs has been a huge honor for us. is thrilled to be an intrinsic component of their MLS and Compliance Platforms,” added Lisa Larson,’s Managing Director, North America.


As a leading AI technology company,’s deep learning AI techniques (CNNs, GANs, and NLPs) provide the most value to our clients. Our underlying technology is built from the ground up and accessed via an easy-to-use RESTful API interface.´s solutions are used globally by leading real estate companies to enhance and personalize users´ experiences, improve property valuations, and automate content moderation.


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MLS Now is Ohio’s largest MLS, serving 14,400 subscribers belonging to 12 Associations of REALTORS®, across 32 primary counties in Ohio and West Virginia. MLS Now is one of the most recognized MLSs in the Midwest, standing out through a commitment to digital tools and resources for members. For more information visit


About is the leading image recognition solution for real estate. Its AI-powered solutions analyze property imagery to unlock real estate-specific insights at the image, listing, and market levels. Imagine having a real estate expert analyze each of the 1-million property photos uploaded every day….Well now you can


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