Igluu Czech Republic partners with Restb.ai to revolutionize property search user experience

January 15, 2022 Press Releases


The joint venture between Igluu s.r.o (a Stratus Data Systems sister company) and ČSOB Group (subsidiary of KBC Bank N.V.) has joined forces today with Restb.ai, the industry leader in advanced image analysis. As a starting point of this collaboration, Restb.ai will leverage its property data and image recognition technology towards enhancing Stratus’s online platforms to deliver a seamless user experience.  


It’s been over 10 years since the last groundbreaking innovation, ‘Map-based search’,  was released to simplify the user home buying process. However, since then, technological advances in property search have reached a plateau, with almost all real estate search experiences looking similar to one another. In order to shift from the status quo and further revolutionize its digital performance, Stratus Data Systems has adopted Restb.ai’s computer vision solutions to reinvent its online platforms and deliver new tools to enhance and personalize the user experience. 


“Our partnership with Restb.ai for Europe and North America, will greatly enhance the home search experience by integrating visual attributes obtained from images.  The ability to utilize artificial intelligence to collect, analyze and enhance property information, creates a whole new standard for property search, providing Real Estate professionals and consumers more granularity than currently available” – Carlos Grass (President at Stratus Data Systems Inc.)


The current ways users search for homes online is frustrating. There are several pain points throughout the customer’s digital home buying journey that make it difficult for each user to find the properties that are most relevant to their own specific needs.  While many sites offer a wealth of filters to refine property searches, validating and visually confirming each property aligns with their needs requires clicking through an endless amount of images. In a similar fashion, allowing agents to create user-specific marketing content to push to users based on their interests is difficult and time consuming. Recognizing these limitations, Stratus Data Systems has decided to integrate artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to eliminate any sources of confusion or frustration for its users by adopting Restb.ai’s solutions. 


Some of Restb.ai’s capabilities include leveraging AI to automatically generate complex marketing content and then to instantly promote it to relevant target audiences. During the property search experience,  property photos can be dynamically changed based on a user’s particular interests creating a personalized search experience. Best of all, the technology can be used to track trends and patterns based on visual insights to provide users visually similar properties and  results tailored to their unique needs. 


“Joining forces with Stratus and ČSOB will bring our common vision of unlocking new property search capabilities through image and property insights to help customers find their dream homes,” commented Antoni Costa, Restb.ai’s Chief Operations Officer. “Observing success rates of leading social networks such as Instagram, it is safe to say images and visual content are essential to success in the digital world.” 


About Stratus

Stratus Data Systems is a New York based technology company currently serving 115,000+ Real Estate professionals in the United States and Canada.  Our latest version of mobile first Stratus Collaborate provides a single user interface across multiple regions, and multiple data sources utilizing our robust API gateway.


About ČSOB

ČSOB is a wholly owned subsidiary of KBC Bank NV, whose shares are held (directly or indirectly) by KBC Group NV. Both companies are based in Brussels, Belgium. Československá obchodní banka, a. S. (ČSOB), operates as a universal bank in the Czech Republic. its services to all client segments , ie individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate and institutional clients. In retail banking in the Czech Republic , the Bank operates under the basic brands – ČSOB (branches) and Poštovní spořitelna (branches and outlets of the Czech Post).


About Restb.ai

Restb.ai is the leading image recognition solution for real estate. Their AI-powered solutions analyze property imagery to unlock real estate specific insights at the image, listing, and market-level. Imagine having a real estate expert analyze each of the 1 million property photos uploaded every day… Well, now you can. 


Learn more at Restb.ai.