Voiceter innovated with artificial intelligence in real estate search by voice with rich descriptions using Restb.AI´s 99% accurate feature detections

Voiceter Pro, LLC. is the conversational search company that is revolutionizing AI-assisted searches in the real estate and other markets. They know people want smarter homes and smarter ways to find products, so they provide a solution to bring companies and consumers together through meaningful conversations with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Voiceter Pro logo

"Hello Alexa!"

Times have considerably changed. We watch animated pictures in a slim box, travel to work in a larger metal box, and pose questions about the weather to another small box. And, the small box replies. The small box cares for you, sets your anti-theft alarm when you leave the house, suggests recipes you should try, or does your shopping online. It has many names, among which Alexa and Cortana sound familiar. Meet the world’s favourite intelligent personal assistants (IPA).


However, as intelligent these personal assistants can be, they have their limitations. How is one to search for their dream home and ask Alexa to look for houses, without actually seeing them? This was the main question that Voiceter Pro asked when developing their conversational search software. Their own application within Alexa and other IPAs, also called Voiceter Pro, allows the assistants to browse through a series of listings at the users’ voice request.


By enabling real estate listings and agents to come up in Alexa’s voice searches, Voiceter Pro gave users the opportunity to search for their dream home using just their speech. But, since properties’ biggest selling points are images, how could Alexa portray the exterior bricks wall and stainless steel appliances that, for example, 11 Imperial Drive has?

Hello Alexa, Describe the living room, please.
Amazon speaker reciting a living room description generated by AI

"How may I help you?"

By joining their forces together, Restb.ai and Voiceter Pro revolutionized the ordinary. Restb.ai’s state-of-the-art technology automatically tags the images found within the Voiceter Pro app with real estate specific keywords. Alexa can now understand that an image is of a living room with a beautiful chandelier, hardwood floor, and plenty of natural light. Afterwards, she can relate this information to the person asking for it.

The most important aspect is the addition of vibrant audio descriptions to the classic visual presentation of a listing. Exactly how revolutionary is this? Simply put, without having to touch any buttons on your phone or computer, you can find out a lot more about a house, with amazing precision as well.

Thanks to the breakthrough technology that tags real estate images (yes, we’re talking about our efficient plug-n-play solution), your Assistant can accurately relate how much natural light shines on that hardwood living room floor. What’s more, Restb.ai’s solution is among the fastest and most precise on the market, with returns on end-to-end query results of 0.5 seconds and a feature detection accuracy of 99%.

But, the best thing about this collaboration is not the hands-free web search experience and use of speech to conduct online searches. These audio descriptions give a glimpse into the appearance of a room to individuals who, unfortunately, do not have the means to experience it by themselves. So, the amazing technology helps the visually impaired understand what a house looks like.

"Alexa, open real estate"

The journey starts here: Brian is a real estate agent who knows about the Voiceter Pro app and uploads his listings on it, along with the relevant photos. His job here is done. Restb.ai’s efficient API then goes through all images, automatically tags the room type and home features in them, and identifies any logos or watermarks on them.

On the other side of town, a family of 4 is having lunch in a small apartment. The parents are talking about moving to a new house, as the kids are growing up and they need more space. The mother looks around and says, ‘Alexa, open Real Estate’. She then asks her to look for properties around the New York area. They decide on hearing the features 11 Albany Drive has: the living room has a beautiful fireplace surrounded by exposed bricks, beamed ceiling, and plenty of natural light. This goes on for some time, in which they listen to descriptions of houses and imagine creating a home out of one of them.

That Alexa is able to describe these basic things has a great influence on people’s purchasing decisions. The hands-free aspect makes it easy to find out information regardless of what the person is doing. And, the use of voice and speech to search for one’s dream house is not only highly convenient, but a fun way to enjoy a somewhat dull activity.