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Meet Jenny from Jersey


of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020

1 billion

total number of monthly voice searches at the start of 2018


Jenny from Jersey is a young, ambitious millennial who is searching for a new apartment. As a modern and busy individual, she uses her voice to search for everything she needs. This Saturday morning, she decides to look for a new place while cooking breakfast. She asks Alexa to show her modern 1 bedroom flats closer to downtown. She quickly navigates a couple listings but becomes frustrated she can’t easily cycle through the images. This means she has to quit making breakfast and use her hands instead. What a waste.


Jenny tries her luck again the next morning. A bit hungover from last night, she’s relieved to have stumbled upon a portal that has tagged their listing photos. Lazily lying on her bed, relaxing and looking at pictures of a nice flat, she effortlessly asks, ‘Show me what the kitchen looks like’. The screen automatically cycles to the flat’s spacious kitchen’s photos. Jenny quickly decides she loves the apartment and dictates an e-mail to her agent to get a viewing appointment. Happy to have been a bit productive, she decides to go back to sleep.


It is estimated that over 50% of searches will be voice by 2020. If your website is not optimized for audio descriptions and voice search queries, your competitors will gain a huge advantage over you. Use Restb.ai’s technology to empower your images with audio description and to avoid being left behind. The real estate specific tags will also help boost your SEO and optimize your website for mobile, which Google rankings highly value.

all searches will be voice searches by 2020

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