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Meet David from Dallas

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of a site’s listings feature an image other than the front of the house


of users spend at least 20 seconds looking at cover photos


David from Dallas recently began looking for a new apartment closer to downtown. He is overwhelmed by the amount of options. As he has recently started working out, he is very interested in the quality of a property’s gym. Also, summer is just around the corner and he loves a good barbecue by the pool. After an hour of searching he leaves frustrated at how long it takes to click through and view the amenities of each property.


David loves his apartment portal’s new thumbnail filter functionality. After setting it to view gyms, he easily finds and favorites five communities that have the free weights he loves and enough space for him to use them. He then filters the thumbnails to display the pools. He sees that three of his favorite properties have lovely pools as well. After less than thirty minutes, David has already set up a few visits for the coming weekend.


Most websites provide just three main items (one photo, the location and the price) for a user to decide which properties to further explore. The additional filters are great but not all “gyms” or other features are created equally. Users quickly become fatigued and disappointed after clicking through numerous listings, trying to find the properties that meet their needs. Use’s ability to identify rooms and features to enable properties’ most defining features to stand out and connect with their future residents.

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