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Meet Charlie from Colorado


of people stop engaging with a website if it takes too long to find the desired information


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Charlie from Colorado is looking for a new home for his family – his two teenagers need separate rooms now. He wants a large kitchen as well, as he is a chef and cooking is his main passion. Charlie’s been going in and out of listings for the past hour. He can’t believe how many clicks it takes to find what he is looking for. He’s tired of looking through each individual listing and infinitely scrolling through photos to find what each kitchen looks like.


The next day, Charlie falls in love with his favorite portal’s redesign. With one click of a button, he can examine bedrooms and kitchens from different houses, all beautifully aligned in a seamless browsing experience. Charlie no longer has to select each listing and waste time looking through all the photos of the house – he only needs to select the room type of interest, relax, and enjoy the search for his dream home.


No one wants to waste time jumping from one picture to the other to find the property feature they’re interested in.’s technology identifies room types with an accuracy of up to 99%. This makes it easy to design websites and portals that mould themselves to visitors’ buying preferences. And the best part? Everything is done automatically – agents don’t need to make any extra effort. Just relax and enjoy the power of’s solutions.

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