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Olivia from Ohio started working for a new agency and she already has a few clients lined up. Today, she’s doing a manual Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for a renovated Victorian house. Olivia can’t tell if the comparative results are bad because of improper descriptions or countless irrelevant listing suggestions. What she’s sure of is that it’s going to take a long time to sort through the right matches. And, that’s just the beginning of it.


The previous agency Olivia worked for had incorporated computer vision into their portal. The technology would narrow down the number of comparable houses to ones that visually matched the subject house best. Because the images contain descriptions with important information, like room condition or home features, their CMA’s resulted in more accurate and qualitative comparisons.


Restb.ai’s ability to tag and describe images based on room condition, home features, and room types improves the relevancy and precision of your CMA’s. Since they only consider aspects from public records, adding information contained in images will deliver better, more qualitative CMA’s. Knowing whether a kitchen is updated and measuring how different houses are similar from a visual perspective makes CMA’s smarter and your clients happier.

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