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Meet Linda from Los Angeles


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Linda from Los Angeles recently began her home search. She has found four options she likes, but will only have time to visit three this weekend. To narrow her search, she frantically flips back and forth between tabs to get a better understanding of each house’s pros and cons. After an hour of frustration, she finalizes her three visits. That weekend, she is happy with two that she saw, but walks out of one immediately when she realizes she had overlooked how incredibly small the kitchen and living room were compared to the other houses.


Linda is in love with her portal’s new compare feature. She is easily able to favorite four potential houses and then see them all in a side by side comparison. All of the photos are aligned by room type so she can quickly compare the different aspects of the house. Using this functionality, she quickly identifies that one of the house’s kitchen and living room are noticeably smaller. Since she likes to entertain guests at her house, she marks this house off the list and comfortably schedules visits for the other three.


Looking for a new house can be overwhelming. There is so much information that it can be difficult to keep track of it all.’s ability to let you display various listings’ photos side by side allows you to provide consumers with a simple and intuitive way to compare properties. When your users can more easily compare listings, they can save themselves hours from going on unnecessary visits.

 increase in number of online properties viewed per visit

increase in user engagement after implementation

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