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7.2 million

Americans were suffering from visual impairment in 2016


federal cases were filed in 2019 about allegedly inaccessible websites


Ned from New York lost his sight in an accident a few months ago and his family suggested they move to a more accessible home. His wife and him embark on an internet search for a new house, yet encounter many difficulties on their journey. Ned does not feel comfortable that he needs his wife to go through and describe all of the rooms of each potential listing. Unfortunately, almost all websites do not comply with ADA regulations, which require companies to make their website easy to navigate and understand for everyone.

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Ned is thrilled to have finally found a website that allows him to independently search for a house. It contains audio descriptions of all of the images, which helps Ned to understand what each house looks. Additionally, he can now navigate the listings with just his voice, as the website has enabled voice search. After listening to descriptions of several houses, Ned decides on one with a large fireplace where he and his wife can relax at night. He can’t wait to surprise her with the news!


Making your website accessible and easy to navigate isn’t only recommended because of ADA compliance, but also to show your position as a thought leader in the industry.’s keywords and tags enable the conversions of images to text and ultimately, to audio descriptions. Coupled with voice search, this enables individuals with disabilities to search listings on their own and to find out what each property looks like. Ensure your website is simple to use and enjoy both the boost in search engine rankings from voice search and the greater compliance with ADA regulations.

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