Specialized Image Recognition API

Use our proprietary Deep Learning technology and take advantage of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence with a simple HTTP RESTful API call.

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World’s leading AI technology

We provide extremely accurate results with amazingly fast performance.


Our algorithms can approach or beat human accuracy in visual recognition tasks.


Our A.I. analyzes an image in less than 100ms with best-in-class accuracy.


Ready for critical production environments. We scale at your demand.

Automate tasks

Machines can do many repetitive visual tasks accurately, tirelessly and faster than humans when powered by our latest deep learning technology.

Save time and costs

We provide turnkey solutions to empower your applications with true AI so you can easily start saving time and money by automating visual tasks.

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Our expert Specialized Image Recognition team can help you to analyze how our technology can help your company to improve a process or offer better services and build the most suitable AI for your needs.

SIR for every business

Our Specialized Image Recognition proprietary technology is working for a broad spectrum of industries.




Real Estate

Logos & Watermarks Detection

Content Moderation