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Our proprietary Deep Learning technology at your fingertips

Computer vision optimized for real estate

The data shows that photos are the strongest purchase driver in real estate decisions. Why then, are so few companies leveraging their most valuable asset? That is the question set out to solve when they first built their award-winning deep learning neural network over 4 years ago.

Accuracy iconACCURACY

Outperforms Google and Amazon in H2H tests with accuracies up to 99%

Performance iconPERFORMANCE

Real-time speed to process images the second they are uploaded

Scalability iconSCALABILITY

Limitless scalability with clients processing upwards of 1 million requests a day

What is computer vision?

Sometimes known as image recognition, computer vision is the field of AI dealing with a computer’s ability to extract high-level understanding from an image or video.

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How does it work?

We provide a variety of computer vision solutions that you can access via a simple RESTFul API interface that returns standard JSON responses.

Why use Artificial Intelligence?

Automate tasks

Machines can do many repetitive visual tasks accurately, tirelessly and faster than humans when powered by our latest deep learning technology.

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Save time and costs

We provide turnkey solutions to empower your applications with true AI so you can easily start saving time and money by automating visual tasks.

Real estate expertise

Real estate expertise

All models were built with real estate specific data curated by our in house data team and validated by the leading innovators in the industry.

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AI still doesn’t feel real? Try playing with it.