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Optimize your images for search engines

Which image will Google rank higher, the one titled “IMG241.jpg” or “Living_room_with_fireplace.jpg”? You guessed right, the latter. With the help of our AI, you can easily boost your SEO by using our detailed tags in your image title and descriptions.

Better UX leads to higher conversion

Isn’t it a bit odd for a Real Estate site not to know what image content their users are looking at? With our detailed tagging you can know exactly what content converts better so you can curate the customer journey for higher success.

Keep it neat

Nobody likes to jump from a kitchen photo to a bathroom and then back to a kitchen. At the same time, nobody likes to spend hours organizing all the property photos to avoid this. Let the power of AI automatically classify all the different home scenes for you.

Filter listings by image content

Purchasing is triggered by visual emotions. It’s one thing to read that the kitchen has stainless steel appliances; it’s something else to easily see the actual image of what that kitchen looks like. Our SIR technology can give your buyers a new level of visual search so they fall in love with their new home quicker.

Don’t let 3rd party logos hijack your site

You put in the resources to attract your buyers so why let 3rd party logos take those customers away? Our SIR technology can detect all logos and watermarks so you can either block those images or charge the provider for using your real estate (pun intended).

What our AI can do

Classify home scenes

We accurately classify every image into 30+ home scene categories.

Tag attractive home features

Our SIR’s expert eye recognizes 20+ home features (e.g. hardwood floor, high ceiling) and tags the images that showcase each feature.

Detect logos / watermarks

Not only do we detect if there is a logo, watermark or text in an image but we also provide its exact location.

Affordable Specialized Image Recognition for Real Estate

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