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Pablo from Palo Alto is working for a brokerage. It’s not an easy job, especially when he engages in repetitive tasks, such as uploading listings. It’s past 7 p.m and he needs to pick up his two daughters from ballet class. As Pablo is in a hurry, he accidentally selects ‘kitchen bar’ instead of ‘hardwood floor’. Also, he forgets to add a photo of the house’s pool. Over time, both Pablo and his brokerage lost quite a bit of their credibility.


Pablo finds out about computer vision by searching online for solutions to save time and increase accuracy when creating a listing. He realizes that the technology can automatically validate all his descriptions. Moreover, it can also identify room types or home features that he might have missed. All the visually present elements in his listings’ images are now correctly categorized and input. He can pick up his girls from class and even have time for ice cream.


Inaccurate descriptions have a serious impact on how people perceive a listing’s credibility and authenticity. When users search for a house with a pool but receive results of houses with patios – or no results at all – they lose interest and leave. It doesn’t matter if it was an honest mistake. can effortlessly tag all your images and confirm the accuracy of your listings. This eliminates the likelihood of human errors, saves agents’ time and resources, and maintains your brokerage’s credibility.

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