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Ricky, founder of a high-growth marketing company, finds himself in a troublesome situation. How can he ensure he’s able to provide the most relevant listing photos to his audience? His company determined that their average user cycles through no more than three photos on their Facebook ads. Unfortunately, it takes his team too much time to manually select the order of the photos they want to be displayed. As they scale and gain more users, they have to find a way to automatically place the most appealing photos first.


Ricky is ecstatic that he stumbled upon a new computer vision solution. He realizes that he can now easily order his images based on their features and room type. This makes it simple for his company to present the best kitchens to the users that are known to be foodies or the backyards with lawns for dog loving families. With the automation of the photo selections, Ricky’s team can spend more time growing their business while converting leads at a faster rate!  


When scaling products across millions of users, small tweaks can have massive impacts. An ad only has an instant to attract a user’s attention. You cannot afford to be displaying sub-optimal photos. With Restb.ai’s knowledge of your photos’ contents, you can easily test which photos work best for which user types. Then, you can automate accordingly, increasing the users’ interaction with your ads.

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