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Meet Sandy from San Francisco

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Sandy from San Francisco is tired. Most of her co-workers are away for the holidays while she’s been adding and filling in listings all day. Her mind is overloaded with all the utilities, room types, house features, and land descriptions she’s been inputting. It’s getting close to 8 p.m and she’s still uploading photos and manually adding tags and descriptions. It’s Sandy and her partner’s anniversary today and she was hoping to get home early to cook a nice dinner for them. Guess it’ll have to wait.


In an alternate context, Sandy is using Computer Vision technology to automate the listing process. She uploads the listing images and, in a matter of seconds, the technology automatically fills in the tags and descriptions. Once the process is complete, she just has to verify everything is described accordingly and confirm all tags are correct. The best part? She leaves work around 5 p.m and has plenty of time to cook a delicious anniversary dinner.


Enabling auto-populated listing fields saves you significant time and resources.’s technology allows agents to just edit, amend, and complete listings, while we do all the hard work. The listings are automatically filled, while the accuracy and efficiency of the tags ensure a smooth listing experience. To top that, the descriptions are compliant with consistent industry terminology, as per RESO’s dictionary efforts.

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