Data models

Let computer vision unlock the data hidden in your property photos

Automated Valuation Models

Automated Valuation Models (AVM) have been an integral part of real estate even before Zillow introduced their Zestimate feature over 10 years ago. Their importance only grows as they are now utilized by portals, iBuyers, lenders and more. Most models rely on information such as tax records, sales history and comparables. They do not account for the information easily seen in photos, such as renovations and home condition. Use computer vision to unlock these previously unused details and maximize your AVMs effectiveness.

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Data integrity

When creating a new listing, an agent should enter all the details and features of the property for sale. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, which requires valuable resources to spend time verifying the data in each listing. Computer vision automatically extracts real estate features, so you can cross-check them with those identified by the agent. Your listings will be more accurate without any important details missing or incorrect. Empower your agents to list with confidence.

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Targeted advertising

Lead generation is essential for a real estate business’ success. Many companies are leveraging platforms, like Facebook, to target specific users with certain properties. Over the millions of impressions these targeted ads make, it is critical that the displayed pictures are personally tailored to the user’s unique interests. Oftentimes, this is different than the default image provided with a listing. Connect users with their dream property by allowing computer vision to automate the photo selection process.

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Data analytics

Data is the new king. With today’s technology, it is simple enough to tell which properties people are viewing. Yet, it is much harder to understand how users interact with them or what photos they go through – Do they spend more time looking at kitchens or bedrooms? Computer vision makes it easy to know exactly what a user cares about. Build a solution that reacts to the unique actions of each user and provides a personalized experience that makes one of life’s biggest decisions as simple as possible.  

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Enhanced A/B testing
Detailed user analytics

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