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Optimize property assessment workflows and processes

The future of property assessment

The world of property assessment is at a cross roads. There is growing demand for appraisals and insurance policies, but a shrinking pool of qualified professionals to inspect every property in person. Companies are faced with the paradigm of how to increase how quickly and efficiently they analyze properties, while not seeing a drop in their performance. It’s clear that the intelligent adoption of AI is the only path forward. Our suite of AI models are designed to instantly improve and standardize property valuations, enhance and automate data collection, and identify problematic properties and biases.

Standardize property valuations

with our AI property condition analysis

The condition and quality of a home are two of the most relevant factors when valuing properties or determining reconstruction costs. However, there is frequently variance and disagreement between the thousands of appraisers and underwriters on how a property may be scored. Our condition and quality models are designed to align with industry standards to provide a consistent, reliable and granular assessment of every property.

Enhance data collection processes

with AI- generated image tags

With the rise of desktop appraisals, it’s more important than ever to ensure that property photos contain all the required details. It’s simply too expensive to have to unnecessarily send someone out to visit a property in person.’s image detection models can validate that all the relevant information is collected and documented in real-time.

Flag problematic properties

with our damage analysis technology

Not all property damage is created equal. The location, type and extent of damage are all relevant when determining the impact on a property’s value or an insurance claim.’s ability to analyze property damage in real time is essential to determining adjustments in a quick and consistent fashion. 

Ceiling damage and wall damage identified in living room photo

Improve quality control and minimize risk

with our photo compliance solutions

While the age, race, gender and religious affiliation of a home owner should have zero impact on a property’s assessment, groups, such as PAVE, have shown that discriminatory bias exists. Our compliance solutions are designed to identify potential issues to minimize any undesired impact. Additionally, our solutions can be used to automatically blur the problematic region of a photo before being used in a report. 

CAPTURE Data Services uses AI to help reinvent the way property data is collected.  Read more!

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