Meet Mike from Miami

$1 Million+

cost of recent real estate copyright lawsuits


of a website’s credibility is judged by its overall aesthetics


Mike from Miami is stressed because his assistant just told him one of their biggest competitors is being sued for copyright infringement. It all started when some of the company’s users began uploading listing images and data to a new collaborative data repository. The images clearly had the competition’s watermarks, making it obvious that they were not original. Therefore, their database had been compromised with hundreds of images they did not own.


Mike’s assistant quickly reassures him that this lawsuit does not affect them and their business at all. The computer vision solution they’ve been using has been flagging hundreds of photos of unauthorized watermarks on pictures. Therefore, Mike immediately sees when there is a copyright issue at hand. He now sleeps well at night, knowing that all their visitors will love the clean user experience of his website.


Having unauthorized content on your images is risky and can seriously impact your brand. Restb.ai can effortlessly analyze your photos and greatly reduce the risk of your website having any watermarks. You will be able to quickly see where the problem is and take action to remove them in time to avoid unnecessary legal hassles. Even better, you can flag the watermarks upon upload and prevent those photos from ever being posted to your site. 

reduction in quality resources needed 

increase in detection of unwanted content