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Meet Randy from your favorite portal

up to 7

identical listings found for a single property!

up to 30%

of listings on European portals are duplicates


Randy from Portal X is having trouble sleeping at night. He keeps receiving complaints from his customers asking why they are seeing duplicate listings of their “exclusive” property. His quality team had warned him they couldn’t keep up with this problem, but he doesn’t know what else he can do.


It’s all smooth sailing at Portal X. Ever since Randy came across Restb.ai and their ability to detect duplicate listings, he has had a massive reduction in customer complaints. With the increased bandwidth for his quality team, they’ve begun implementation of a new project previously scheduled for next year.


Duplicate listings are a significant threat to your website’s authority and credibility. Plus, it greatly confuses prospective leads. Restb.ai’s detection solution is easily able to find duplicate and near duplicate (containing enhanced, cropped, mirrored or rotated photos)  listings on your website and flag them for you. Your website will be neat and organized, without any confusion to the user. Let the perfect home search begin.

increase in unique listings visited

reduction in quality resources needed

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