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Let computer vision ensure your site’s photo guidelines are being followed


A visual impediment to the presentation of a listing, watermarks are a way third parties attempt to advertise on your website. They are a distraction, making your photos less visually appealing and confusing your users. Computer vision detects all watermarks, letting you block them or allowing you to gain revenue by charging for them. Moderate your content as soon as its uploaded and never think about it again.

Maximize your photos appeal by automatically detecting:



Duplicate listings are a pain for buyers and a nightmare for companies. They are ineffective, inconvenient and hurt conversion rates. Simply put, they make you lose prospective customers while irritating the original creator of the listing. Employees are more valuable when they are not spending time manually cleaning up duplicates. Leverage computer vision to effortlessly flag duplicate listings before they go live, keeping your website in perfect shape.

Save time and money by automatically detecting:


Regardless of where you are in the world, you need to comply with the real estate privacy and security laws. If your images contain license plates or people’s faces, in many countries you are breaking the law. To eliminate this risk, integrate a computer vision solution with your website to automatically detect sensitive content in images. Save money on a quality team and easily remove your non-compliant photos before they reach your users.

Prevent costly lawsuits by automatically detecting:

Contact details
Privacy and self-promotion violations

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