Rapattoni upgrades partnership with Restb.ai by integrating full MLS Product Suite Technology!

February 27, 2023 Press Release

Rapattoni Corporation (Rapattoni), who started its partnership with Restb.ai by introducing the photo descriptions solution to MLS customers, has now upgraded the terms of the agreement to add all additional solutions included in Restb.ai’s MLS Product Suite. These solutions include photo tagging, improved ADA compliance, auto-population of listing details, and enhanced agent-consumer search capabilities, providing MLS customers with the full set of tools to automate and enhance their listing processes.


Restb.ai technology modernizes and speeds up the listing entry process by analyzing images and auto populating relevant listing details extracted from the images. As each listing image is uploaded, Restb.ai’s industry-leading artificial intelligence analyzes and automatically detects each image’s interior & exterior features, architecture style, and room type. By tagging and labeling these photos, the property listings displayed on MLS, Broker, and Agent/Realtors websites become ADA compliant while also enhancing and increasing the value of the data.  

Additionally, the Restb.ai Photo Compliance solution enhances the photo monitoring processes by auto-detecting misuses of listing photos and all corresponding violations based on MLS/Association rules. The Restb.ai Photo Compliance API detects logos, watermarks, yard signs, people, license plates, duplicates, and more. 

The MLS Match photo solution is designed to match interior and exterior property features by creating visual similarities searches. This gives agents and their clients the power to search the MLS active listing inventory by uploading photos and finding matching photos with the same features and tags. 

Nicholas Hook, Chief Architect and Chief Information Officer at Rapattoni, said, “We are excited to offer the full suite of Restb.ai’s technology stack to our MLS customers, allowing brokers, agents, and other Realtors to take advantage of the industry’s leading tools for automated image tagging, matching, and validation. Our initial Restb.AI integration met with a very positive response and our MLS customers are going to love the expanded features available with our new agreement.” 

“There is nothing more rewarding than hearing back from your partner, they are happy with your technology stack and therefore want to expand upon it. We value our industry partnerships and are fortunate to have this opportunity to deliver more AI solutions to Rapattoni’s MLS customers. It has been rewarding to work alongside the technology and business units at Rapattoni. They are very focused on delivering the next gen MLS AI Platform to their customers,” Lisa Larson, Restb.ai’s Managing Director, North America.

As a leading AI technology company, Restb.ai’s deep learning AI techniques (CNNs, GANs, and NLPs) provide the most value to our clients. The underlying technology is built from the ground up and accessed via an easy-to-use RESTful API interface.

Restb.ai’s solutions are used globally by leading real estate companies to enhance and personalize users´ experiences, improve property valuations, and automate content moderation.

Get the full list of MLS Product solutions: https://restb.ai/company/press-releases/restb-ai-mls-suite/.

If you’re interested in our MLS AI solutions contact our Managing Director, Lisa Larson at lisa@restb.ai.

About Rapattoni

Rapattoni Corporation has been serving the real estate industry since 1970. The company provides integrated products and services for real estate associations and MLS organizations, including the Rapattoni MLS, industry-leading association management software, property records services with Atlas Tax, the Connect Dashboard web portal, and additional Website Services, along with hosting and technical support for each product. Rapattoni’s headquarters are in Westlake Village, California.

About Rapattoni MLS

Rapattoni MLS provides an intuitive and responsive interface for agents to enter listings, run searches, and manage prospects with interactive Client Portals. Additional advanced features include industry-leading map layer data and integrated GIS parcel mapping, a versatile Custom Report Writer for building dynamic reports and flyers, a powerful RESO Web API and RETS data platform with the latest RESO Data Dictionary Platinum certification, and much more. Rapattoni MLS is compatible with all standard browsers and mobile platforms, with a native and fully integrated app included for iOS and Android devices.

About Restb.ai

Restb.ai, the leader in AI and computer vision for real estate, provides image recognition and data enrichment solutions for many of the industry’s top brands and leading innovators. Its advanced AI-powered technology automatically analyzes property imagery to unlock visual insights at scale that empowers real estate companies with relevant and actionable property intelligence. Restb.ai is like having a real estate expert instantly research and provide a deep insight into each of the 1 million property photos uploaded daily.

For more information on Restb.ai, visit our website. For media inquiries, please contact contact@restb.ai