Junior Data Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for a Junior Data Engineer who is passionate about technology, always looking for new ways to tackle complex issues. As our Junior Data Engineer, you would be in charge of our backend, data pipelines, and automation duties. You’ll be a key player managing our ETL operations to help us bring our state-of-the-art AI solutions to market.

The usual day to day tasks include managing ETL implementations, data pipelines, implementing automation workflows, design API endpoints for extracting Intelligence from the Data Warehouse meanwhile understanding all needed Real Estate industry concepts.

role will be completely in English and any CV’s/resumes in other languages will not be considered.

Main Responsibilities and Duties

  • Work closely with the Product team for all the related aspects regarding the Data Intelligence platform.
  • Work closely with the VP of Engineering for all the backend/ETL related developments and improvements.
  • Take charge of the design and development of data pipelines architectures based on the Cloud.
  • Monitor our data pipelines, bringing automation and alert management into the picture. Support design and delivery of CI/CD pipelines in cooperation with Software and QA teams.
  • Deploy robust pipelines to enable developers to build and test releases before they are promoted to production.
  • Provide your technical vision in discussions around software architecture and product definition.
  • Background and Skills

    A strong candidate will ideally possess at least one strong expertise in the following areas and at least a familiarity in others.
    • Experience in ETL design.
    • Familiarity with workflow management frameworks such as Airflow.
    • Knowledge of Elasticsearch or similar document management databases.
    • Hands-on practice with Docker and Linux-based systems.
    • An evangelist of Cloud architecture best practices.
    • Experience with Python, Flask and uWSGI. Knowledge of Celery or similar queue system frameworks is valuable.
    • The passion to keep up with the latest best practices, tools, and frameworks.
    • Willingness to dive deep into any area and the motivation to truly master it.
    • An active GitHub portfolio is a big plus.