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MLSOK, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (OKCMAR) formed in 2000. MLSOK, Inc is the largest MLS in the state of Oklahoma, representing 5,200 real estate professionals and growing. 

This website was developed by our partners at TLCengine.


In the United States, real estate agents and brokers have the option of either going solo or promoting their listings on a MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Individual sellers do not have access to such a portal, so they need to sign up an agent who is a member of one.

The advantage is that a MLS is a great network for agents and brokers to engage in direct contact regarding a listing. It is faster, easier, and better when you’re part of a large group of professionals who have the same interests.

Upon visiting and evaluating a house, agents take note of all relevant features and images of it, put together all data, and upload it on the portal. In a matter of days, the house should already be sold. But, this is easier said than done.

Other factors are important in the race to become a top MLS. Search Engine Optimization and high conversion rates are all part of a successful real estate business. Still, how to improve all those things at once?


This is what MLSok have been trying to solve. As a leading listing service in the central Oklahoma area, they already had the best cost estimate engine out there: TLC Engine. Based on people’s lifestyles, TLC calculates the true value of a home based on commute times and prices, energy costs, and neighbourhood lifestyles.

So, MLSok needed to find a way of keeping current and potential customers satisfied. And, the best possibility was making the most out of their website’s visual content.

To select, categorize, and tag all listing images with the appropriate tags would take thousands of hours, not to mention significant manual work. So, upon discovering’s innovative artificial intelligence technology, MLSok integrated the solution within their website.’s computer vision service was specifically tailored to the real estate industry’s needs. Thanks to the automated image tags that we provide, MLSok was spared the effort of selecting appropriate thumbnails and tags for different types of rooms and features. Visitors are able to select which room type they’re looking for, e.g kitchen or bedroom, and view a gallery with a selection of images based on their specific query.


Given the 30+ room types that’s solution provides, MLSok increased the visual appeal and organization of their website. Visitors spend more time on the portal and browse through different listings, increasing the probability of converting into leads and ultimately, customers.

Thanks to their optimized website, MLSok doesn’t fall in the trap of low-quality, irrelevant thumbnails. Their listings show relevant high-definition images of what the customer wants to see, rather than photos of bathrooms or backyards.

Let’s say someone is looking for a house with a large kitchen and stainless steel appliances. They can select ‘kitchens’ in the drop-down menu and the list of houses showing up will preview kitchen images. So, people don’t have to go through each individual listing and look through all photos to find what they want.

Next, they can select to visualize only those kitchens that have stainless steel appliances as a room feature. So, the effort of reviewing all listings is minimized to the comfort of the visitor’s desire. Portraying listings in this way also enables the viewer to discover visual similarities and differences between houses, simplifying their decision making process.

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