letsbutterfly™ is the first Progressive Web App (PWA) in the real-estate industry – users only need a browser to run the application on any mobile device. It aims at increasing communication efficiency between seller and buyer, as well as simplifying the selling process for the agent. The result is an excellent mobile-only user interface, designed to create a smooth, intelligence user experience.


The real estate industry is great. But, it should be much better. It should be easier to connect with an agent, to sign a contract, or to find one’s dream house. And this is part of what letsbutterfly™ had in mind when they developed their ground-breaking Progressive Web App (PWA). Revolutionizing the interaction between people is their main goal and changing the faulty system. As with the butterfly effect, small changes in a linear environment can affect the whole ecosystem.


There is too much friction regarding an agent signing up a seller. This results not only in lack of time but also in exhaustion or plenty of disagreement between agent and seller; the former is doing their best to present exact data and valuations while the latter might disagree with them and start a conflict. The loss? On both sides.


This is why letsbutterfly™ created an app that does both. They simplified the selling process for the agent and enabled the sellers to create their own listings. However, if a seller wants to create a listing, they need to upload a series of images of the house and ultimately tag them. Whoever in the world would want to waste time tagging 15 or 20 photos of room features and types? Additionally, agents would have to go through photos of several houses every day to check and confirm that the listing is correct. That’s a lot of extra work.


letsbutterfly™ reached a dilemma. They needed to automate the process of tagging the photos to save time for agents. Installing a generic computer vision API consumes significant time and resources. Why? Because a basic solution requires training a lot of datasets for the A.I. to learn and support property images. Poor accuracy results and low test speed also present high risks for specializing such a technology.

But luck was in their way, and Restb.ai’s API came to the rescue. Tailored for real estate images and keywords, Restb.ai’s solution is among the fastest and most precise on the market. It has returns on end-to-end query results in 0.5 seconds and a feature detection accuracy of 99%.

Agents and sellers don’t need to worry anymore. The seller can take an infinite number of photos of the property and upload them on the app. The integrated computer vision technology will automatically tag and classify images in a few microseconds. A small window will appear within the app to show and confirm all room types and features as well as any logos and watermarks. Most of the necessary information for a listing is now available for the agent to confirm, with little to no effort.


Restb.ai and letsbutterfly™ are here to disrupt the real estate industry. Not only are people able to use the fastest mobile-only app for the industry, but they can witness the best image tagging solution for real estate.


The advanced descriptions powered by Restb.ai’s technology allow for improved listing visibility and increase the chances of ranking higher in search engine results (otherwise known as a better performing SEO), and many more.


And the best thing so far? Letsbutterfly™ tamed our need for speed by turning days into hours with regards to signing up a seller. Agents are no longer required to walk through a property and note down all the features. With Restb.ai’s technology integrated into the letsbutterfly™ app, sellers only have to take a photo and upload it. In a glimpse of an eye, they will receive relevant tags of the photographed room. Lastly, the agent will assess the property from the comfort of their offices.


With this information, agents aren’t wasting precious time and resources on a task that can be done literally anywhere in the world (isn’t mobile great?). The listed houses are more likely to come up first on search results, thanks to the accurate keywords Restb.ai’s technology provides. This not only maximizes their profits, but agents save time and minimize their efforts. Moreover, user experience also improves, as people can see plenty of other room/ house recommendations, based on what they had browsed so far.


Stay put for the future of real estate. It has already come.