Power your real estate listings with A.I.


Drive traffic by optimizing your images for SEO and Voice Search

Boost SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your website’s chances of ranking higher on search engines, such as Google. The description behind images should be filled with relevant keywords, to allow Google bots to understand how well the written content relates to the visual. Our technology will describe all your images with meaningful keywords, specific to the Real Estate industry.

Enable Voice Search

Professionals everywhere recognize the increasing influence voice search has. It is a new, innovative, and easier way of interacting with technological devices. Google algorithms value websites that enable it, due to the improvement in user experience and website optimization. Our technology is key in enabling voice search thanks to the meaningful descriptions and keywords that it identifies.


Engage visitors by providing them a new level of visual experience

Look for Visual Similarities

How many times has a visitor left your website because they didn’t find what they were looking for? The solution lies in how our technology tags images, allowing your website to visually compare and recommend other listings based on the most engaged with content. So, if someone is looking for a house with a fireplace, the website will recommend similar houses with fireplaces.

Improve User Experience

We’ve all learned from the best: a clean, visually pleasant website will not only give your visitors an enjoyable experience, but will also make them come back. Our API can benefit you with properly organizing and tagging your property photos, as well as boosting engagement with your potential leads. An enhanced visual experience will encourage your visitors to spend more time browsing, making them happier and more engaged with your website.


Increase revenue by allowing your images to work for you

Detect Logos and Watermarks

Third party logos and watermarks on your website can easily distract the visitor from your company and opt for leaving your page. But, with our technology you can detect all logos and watermarks. Then, you can either take the photos down, or charge the provider for using you as a mediator.

Optimize your Conversions

Nobody wants to see a utilities room as a listing’s thumbnail. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization comes in. By optimizing your visual content, you will capture visitors’ attention and they will spend more time on your website, improving your click-through rate. Using a fitting thumbnail of an outdoor house view would be more appropriate than one of a bathroom, right?

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