partnered with letsbutterfly™ to change the way people interact with real estate portals. This partnership will enable individuals to have a radically new experience when it comes to listing a house for sale.

  • Anyone can now use the fastest mobile-only app, offering home feature detection in a matter of seconds;
  • The intelligent audit of home descriptions will allow for better listing visibility and SEO performance;
  • Days turn into hours – that’s how fast sellers will be able to sign-up with a real estate agent and list their house on a property portal. and letsbutterfly™ were bound to collaborate and innovate together, as both have been awarded to be a state-of-the-art technology in their fields. was selected as one of the top 5 European A.I. startups, according to NVIDIA, while letsbutterfly™ received the RESO “Crowd Favorite” award for their innovative product.

You can experience how the two technologies work together in this video.


Founded in early 2016, is a Barcelona based start-up specializing in artificial intelligence for real estate. The computer vision technology tags, categorizes, and delivers results on property-related images, with an accuracy on search results of 99%. By using’s plug-n-play solution, real estate portals can attract more visitors, keep them engaged, and ultimately gain more profits.

About letsbutterfly™:

letsbutterfly™ is the first Progressive Web App (PWA) in the real-estate industry – users only need a browser to run the application on any mobile device. It aims at increasing communication efficiency between seller and buyer, as well as simplifying the selling process for the agent. The result is an excellent mobile-only user interface, designed to create a smooth, intelligence user experience.

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